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Safety Offering Sensory (SOS)

Police Department Training

Contact us today to register your local police department.

Social Skills Groups

Preparing them for a lifetime of healthier interactions

Our Social Skills Groups were created to fulfill a need for our clients and the community to have some screen free fun and make new friends post Covid-19 lockdowns. They combine social skills curriculums with gross motor activities and natural teaching environments to navigate anxiety and foster friendships long past the group cycle.


Family Support

Because Family is Everything

We fully believe in the Family Systems Model at Full Spectrum. When a child has been diagnosed with Autism it effects the entire family. We believe that the support for all family members leads to the healthiest and happiest family systems.


ABA Therapy


Not Yo Mama's ABA is a phrase we use often around here. ABA is evidence based but does not need to be boring and stressful! Throw your vision of "old school" ABA out the window and get ready to have FUN in a natural, safe, supportive environment.

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About Us

 Full Spectrum Therapy Partners was created to be a fully comprehensive arena of services for families with neurodivergent individuals. We believe that therapy should be fun, engaging, and done in natural, functional environments. We strive to offer support to every family member, and pride ourselves in being out of the box thinkers in regards to our approach. As an agency, we look forward to changing the future of what services for our neurodivergent community looks like. We hope you join us! 

“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”


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